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Chin and lower jaw enhancement in San Diego

What is chin and lower jaw enhancement?

Neuromuscular orthodontics, also known as facelift treatment, is a nonsurgical option for those wanting to improve the proportions of their face, create a more defined jawline, and tighten skin around the chin and neck.

Chin and jaw enhancement works by moving the jaw forward slightly and strengthening muscles around the jaw. This gradually reshapes the chin and jaw, giving your face a fuller, more defined appearance. Chin and jaw procedures also increase skin tautness and can eliminate wrinkles, sags, and double chins by increasing support beneath the skin.

Though we focus on the lower jaw, results positively transform the overall look of your entire face. For example, a prominent nose often appears prominent, not because of its size, but because of its position in relation to the lower jaw. In many cases, moving the jaw forward slightly can have dramatic results.

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You don’t need injections or plastic surgery to fight wrinkles or create a defined, youthful appearance. Chin and lower jaw enhancements are noninvasive and deliver incredible, predictable results.